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Wesley, John

Methodism founder John Wesley was born in Epworth, England on June 17, 1703. In October 1735 he and brother Charles sailed for Georgia as Anglican ministers for the new colony. John’s stay in Georgia would prove to be very unhappy. First, he had hoped to become a missionary to the Indians, but James Oglethorpe had him serve the colonists instead. Second, he fell in love with Sophy Hopkey and sought her hand in marriage. After she turned him down and married another man, John refused to administer communion to Sophy, leading her new husband to file charges against him. In December 1737, John Wesley would sail from Georgia for England, where he launched a traveling ministry that developed into a movement that became known as Methodism. Wesley kept a 55 year long journal that included his view of his experiences in Georgia, plus the founding of Methodism. He died in March of 1791.

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