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Hawkins, Benjamin

Indian agent Benjamin Hawkins was born in Granville, NC on August 15, 1754. Hawkins was a federal commissioner for Indian negotiations in the late 1780s, before being elected senator from North Carolina in 1790. But he soon returned to his work among the Indians and was named “Principal Temporary Agent for Indian Affairs South of the Ohio River” by President Washington in 1796. Though the title may have been “temporary,” Hawkins spent the remainder of his life working with Indians - much of the time among the Creeks bordering on Georgia. Hawkins had a genuine interest in Indian welfare, and worked diligently to try and insure their fair treatment and to maintain peace among them. On the Flint River, Hawkins established his agency, which became the centerpiece of activity between the Creeks and whites. Unfortunately his attempt to maintain peace failed when civil war broke out among the Creeks in 1812. On June 6, 1816, Hawkins died at the Creek Agency in Crawford County. Though disillusioned with his efforts, Hawkins left a legacy of letters and a journal detailing his experiences with Georgia Indians.

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Source: Photo by Ed Jackson