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McIntosh, Lachlan

Military leader Lachlan McIntosh was born in Badenoch, Scotland on March 5, 1727.. McIntosh’s family was part of the group of Scot Highlanders who settled Darien along Georgia’s southern frontier in 1736. He took part in the defense of Savannah against the British in March of 1776, then returned to his home to defend Georgia’s southern and western frontier. Though McIntosh tried to stay out of the political squabbles of his time, his need for supplies forced him to deal with some of the major political figures in Georgia. One of these was Button Gwinnett, with whom McIntosh and his brother George had long standing differences. So fierce was the rivalry that it led to a duel between McIntosh and Gwinnett in May 1777, which left Gwinnett dead and McIntosh wounded. Upon recovering, McIntosh joined George Washington’s army at Valley Forge. Washington later appointed McIntosh commander of the Western Department of the war. McIntosh established two forts in the Ohio River Valley, which gave American claims to the land legitimacy. When he heard Savannah had fallen to the British, McIntosh received permission to return home. He joined the Continental Army in South Carolina and took part in the defense of Charleston. When the city fell, McIntosh was taken prisoner for the duration of the war. Upon his release in 1781, he found his personal finances in shambles and his reputation tarnished (as he had been relieved of command by the Continental Congress because of Gwinnett’s death). McIntosh spent the remainder of his life trying to rectify these two problems; he had little success financially, but did receive public vindication for his role in Gwinnett’s death and his performance during the war. He died in Savannah on Feb. 20, 1806. McIntosh County is named in honor of the McIntosh family.

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Source: Wikipedia (Public Domain Image)