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Jackson, Keith

Sportscaster Hall of Famer Keith Jackson was born on a dirt road eight miles from Carrollton, Georgia on October 28, 1928. He attended elementary school in a one-classroom building in Tallapoosa, junior high in Tyus, and in 1946 graduated from high school in Roopville, where he played on a championship basketball team. Jackson wanted to attend Georgia Tech, but when he could not qualify, he entered the military for four years. At Washington State University, Jackson began doing the radio broadcast of school football games. After working at an ABC television station in Seattle, he was invited to join ABC Sports in 1968. During his 31 years with ABC, Jackson was a broadcast announcer for about every sport but hockey. But it was college football and Jackson’s distinctive voice and announcing style that led some to call him the “national voice of college football.” During his career, Jackson, who has been inducted into two sportscaster hall of fames and is the only sports announcer to win the “Sportscaster of the Year” award five years in a row.