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Jackson, Maynard

Future Atlanta politician Maynard Jackson was born in Dallas, Texas on March 23, 1938. Jackson was the nephew of famed opera singer Mattiwilda Dobbs, who sang at his inauguration as mayor in 1974. He attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, where he was admitted at age fourteen as a Ford Foundation Early Admissions Scholar. He studied history and political science at Morehouse, graduating in 1956. He earned a law degree from North Carolina Central University in 1964 and held several legal positions before he actively entered politics. After serving as vice-mayor of Atlanta, he was elected to consecutive terms as mayor, running from 1974-1982. He was elected to another term in 1989.

In 1990 he established the Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation to aid disadvantaged children of Atlanta. In 1994, Jackson retired from elective politics and began practicing law in Atlanta. He suffered a heart attack visiting Washington D.C. and died June 23, 2003. He was buried in a modest grave in Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery. Later that year, his name was added to Atlanta’s airport - making it Hartsfield-Jackson International.