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Young, Andrew

Civil rights leader, politician, and diplomat Andrew Young was born in New Orleans on March 12, 1932 Upon graduating from Howard University and becoming a minister, Young was drawn into the civil rights movement. He was an active participant with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in leading voter registration drives, and worked closely with most of the other civil rights leaders, such as Ralph Abernathy, Jesse Jackson, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Young was with King in Memphis when King was assassinated (and is one of the persons in the famous photograph pointing to where the shot came from).

Young was elected to the U.S House of Representatives from Georgia in 1972, and was subsequently reelected twice. In 1977, President Jimmy Carter appointed Young as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. He served with the U.N until 1979. In 1981 Young was elected mayor of Atlanta for the first of two consecutive terms - lasting through 1989. Young was influential in the drive that won for Atlanta the honor of hosting the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.