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Googe, George L.

Southern union organizer George L. Googe was born in Palaky, Georgia on July 25, 1900. After attending a trade school for printing pressmen in 1922, he took a job in Savannah and became an officer in his local union. His ability to recruit union members came to the attention of the American Federation of Labor (AFL), which named him its southern representative in 1928. Moving to Atlanta in 1933, he promoted unionism across the South and became the AFL’s most important leader in the region. From 1946 to 1947, Googe was credited with attracting a half million new union members. After the merger of the AFL and CIO, he held office in the new organization before retiring to the Pressmen’s Home in Tennessee, where he died in 1961.

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Source: George Googe (center) with Other Members of the National Defense Mediation Board, Oct. 31, 1941, Library of Congress