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Hubbard, Cosby Smith

Noted educator Cosby Smith Hubbard was born in Calhoun, Georgia on December 24, 1889. He was raised in the mountains of north Georgia, where he early saw the need for improved educational conditions. Hubbard taught in local schools for over twenty years before serving in the Georgia House of Representatives (1931-32) and in the Georgia Senate (1933-34). His focus in the legislature was on education, and while serving on the legislative committee of the Georgia Education Association, he prepared three important bills for consideration: one to provide a seven-month school term, one to institute a lay board of education, and one to provide free textbooks for all students. These bills were passed into law, and in 1937 Hubbard was appointed director of the textbook and library programs of the Georgia Department of Education to help implement the new laws. Hubbard’s plan for providing multiple lists of textbooks and efficiency in distributing them earned praise as the “Georgia Plan” from the U.S. Department of Education. Most southeastern states adopted the “Georgia Plan” for their own textbook distribution programs. Hubbard died in Atlanta, Georgia on March 8, 1963.

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Source: Ed Jackson