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Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly Urging the President to Authorize a Dam…

Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly

Mar. 1, 1937


No. 15.

A Resolution.

By the General Assembly of Georgia, requesting the President to direct prompt construction of the dam on the Savannah River near Clark’s Hill.

Whereas, the Savannah River, the boundary line between the States of Georgia and South Carolina, is the longest river on the Atlantic Coast between Maine and Florida, and drains a water-basin of more than 10,500 square miles.

And whereas, in 1927 Congress directed the Board of Army Engineers to make a study of all the navigable rivers in the United States for the purpose of flood control, navigation, and water-power;

And whereas, said Board of Army Engineers filed their report in the spring of 1935, recommending the Savannah River for such development suggesting one dam in the vicinity of Clark’s Hill, another near Hartwell, and another on the Toxaway River; but advising that precedence should be given the lower dam in the vicinity of Clark’s Hill;

And whereas, in August, 1935, President Roosevelt appointed a special Board to study the feasibility and necessity of the proposed development near Clark’s Hill, that Board consisting of the following distinguished experts, namely Colonel Earl I. Brown, Division Engineer of the Army, Honorable Roger B. McWhorter, Chief Engineer of the Federal Power Commission, and Professor Sherman M. Woodward, chief Water Consultant of the Tennessee Valley Authority;

And whereas, on February 29, 1936, that special board filed a report strongly recommending the building of the Clark’s Hill;

And whereas, the President submitted that report to the National Resources Board for further study, and that Board engaged the services of Professor Blake R. Van Lear, Dean of Engineering of the University of Florida, who made a highly favorable report, and recommended that the Clark’s Hill project be put in Group I for immediate construction.

And whereas, the President desired further information as to the extent of the power market within the Clark’s Hill area, and the Federal Power Commission is now conducting a survey to gather that information, and a favorable report is expected in April, 1937;

Now therefore be it resolved by the House of Representatives of Georgia, the Senate concurring, that we respectfully request the President of the United States to recognize the claims of our State and of our sister State of South Carolina to have the capacities of this important stream put to public use by improving navigation, establishing flood control, and developing hydroelectric power; and to the accomplishment of these ends, we urge the President to direct immediate steps be taken toward building a dam at such point on the Savannah River in the vicinity of Clark’s Hill as the Government authorities may consider most advisable.

Be it further resolved, that certified copies of these resolutions be forwarded to President Franklin D. Roosevelt; Honorable Harold L. Ickes, Secretary of Interior; Honorable Walter F. George and Richard B. Russell Jr., United States Senators from Georgia; Honorable Paul Brown, Representative of Congress from the Tenth Congressional District of Georgia; Honorable Frank R. McNinch, Chairman of the Federal Power Commission; and Honorable Roger B. McWhorter, Chief Engineer of the Federal Power Commission.

Approved March 1, 1937.

Ga. Laws 1937, pp. 2214-2215.