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Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly Establishing a “Georgian’s Creed” (March 4, 1939)

Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly

Mar. 4, 1939


No. 17.

A Resolution.

Whereas, the State of Georgia has never officially adopted a “Georgian’s Creed” for the benefit of its citizens; and

Whereas, the adoption of a dignified and patriotic “Georgian’s Creed” would be of great help to all our citizens and particularly to the youth of our great State; and

Whereas, the following “Georgian’s Creed” composed by Mrs. A.H. (Sexta Eavenson) Strickland, one of Georgia’s great patriotic leaders, has been adopted by the following patriotic organizations, to-wit:

<blockquote>Crawford W. Long Chapter, U.D.C.,
American Legion Auxiliary, Atlanta Unit, No. 1,
American Legion, Atlanta Post, No. 1,
Fifth District, American Legion of Georgia,
Eight and Forty of Georgia,
Waldo M. Slaton American Legion Auxiliary, Unit No. 140,
Peachtree Hills Womans Club,
Carrow County Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy,
Elberton Chapter, Service Start Legion,</blockquote>

Now therefore, be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Georgia, the Senate concurring, that the following “Georgian’s Creed” be adopted as the official “Georgian’s Creed” for all citizens of our beloved State and its use authorized in all Georgia Schools and at any public or private meeting of the citizens of the State:

“Accepting, as I do, the principles upon which Georgia was founded, not for self but others; – its Democratic form of Government, based on ‘Wisdom, Justice and Moderation’; – its natural resources; – its Educational, Social and Religious advantages, making it a most desirable place to live – I will strive to be a pure upright Citizen, rejecting the evils – loving and emulating the good.

“I further believe it is my duty to defend it against all enemies, to honor and obey its laws, to apply the Golden Rule in all my dealings with my fellow Citizens.

“I feel a sense of pride in the history and heroic deeds accomplished by my forebears, and shall endeavor to so live that my State will be proud of me for doing my bit to make my State a better Commonwealth for future generations.”

Approved March 4, 1939.

Ga. Laws 1939, pp. 1425-1426.