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Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly Calling for the Return of the locomotive “General”

Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly

Mar. 24, 1939


No. 37.

A Resolution.

Whereas, the “Old Locomotive,General,” was stolen from Big Shanty in Cobb County, Georgia by Federal Soldiers during the Civil War; and

Whereas, at the time said Locomotive was stolen it was and now is the property of the State of Georgia; and

Whereas, said Locomotive General is now situated in the City of Chattanooga, State of Tennessee; and

Whereas, the State Government is now developing a vast National Memorial Park in Cobb County memorializing the battle of Kennesaw Mountain; and

Whereas, the history of said Locomotive General is a part of the history of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain; and

Whereas, it is the desire of all concerned to have said Locomotive General placed at the point from which it was stolen by Federal soldiers during the Civil War in order that it might be viewed by persons visiting said National Park when it is completed; and

Whereas, to do so, it would bring this historic Locomotive General back to Georgia where it rightfully belongs; and

Whereas, the people of the town of Kennesaw, Cobb County, Georgia, formerly Big Shanty, are willing to build proper housing facilities to protect and display said Locomotive General;

Now therefore be it resolved by the House, the Senate concurring, that the State of Georgia cause said Locomotive General to be removed from the City of Chattanooga, Tennessee to the town of Kennesaw, Georgia, formerly Big Shanty, and place and keep there as a part of the Kennesaw Mountain Memorial Park.

Be it further resolved that said Locomotive General be removed to the town of Kennesaw as soon as the citizens of the town of Kennesaw prepare proper housing quarters for said Locomotive.

Approved March 24, 1939.

Ga. Laws 1939, pp. 1449-1450.