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Georgia State Flag (as changed in 1902)

Georgia State Flag

(as changed in 1902)

In 1902, as part of a major reorganization of state militia laws, Georgia’s General Assembly changed the state flag adopted in 1879. Where that flag had a plain blue field, the 1902 amendment provided: “On the blue field shall be stamped, painted or embroidered the coat of arms of the State; and every regiment and unassigned battalion shall, when on parade, carry this flag.”

The above flag is a reconstruction of how Georgia’s state flag would have appeared if the coat of arms from the actual state seal then in use had been applied to the blue field of the 1879 flag. However, no known copies of the 1902 flag as depicted above survive. By 1904, the coat of arms was being portrayed on a white shield, and it may be that technically accurate versions of the 1902 flag were never produced.

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Georgia State Flag (as changed in 1902)
Source: Ed Jackson