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FDR Remarks at Dedication of Builders’ Hall and Kress Hall, Nov. 29, 1934

Informal Extemporaneous Remarks of President Roosevelt at the Dedication of Builders’ Hall and Kress Hall, Warm Springs, Ga., Nov. 29, 1934

Mr. Heggeman, and all of you who have done so much to make the new Warm Springs a splendid fact:

As I came down here, Keith Morgan said that we had only overlooked one thing that should have been a part of this ceremony. He said that we ought to have laid a wreath on the spot where the old Inn used to stand. Those of us who have memories of the old Inn and of the old Georgia Warm Springs, we can still cherish those old memories and still be devoutly thankful that the old Inn is gone.

It is with a deep sense of responsibility and of gratitude that the Trustees of the Foundation accept and dedicate today these two new Units which you have made possible. These buildings represent more than bricks and mortar. Into their construction has gone the human quality of sympathy and understanding of thousands of people – our own neighbors of the State of Georgia and many others in every part of the nation who have understood the vision.

To these buildings will come, we hope for many generations, people – especially children – who will be greatly helped along the road of life.

Warm Springs is doing much for them today but even in the future Warm Springs can never hope to give help at this place to more than a small fraction of those who need help. Ours, therefore, must be ever the greater aim – to maintain here the example of the right way of giving help so that throughout our land other groups and other buildings may carry the torch to the handicapped and crippled wherever they may be.

You, Mr. Heggeman and all of you whose names appear on this scroll, have our grateful thanks for you have built on solid foundation for all the years to come. This scroll will be placed within Builders’ Hall in a suitable frame and I think that this golden key should also be placed in a little glass box so that everybody will know that these buildings are open to everybody.

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