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FDR Informal Remarks to the Patients at the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, April 1, 1938

President Roosevelt’s Informal Remarks to Patients at the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, April 1, 1938

[Fred Botts greeted the President and Mrs. Roosevelt]

You know, Fred Botts is a very polite person. When he said I was prevented last autumn from coming here because of “circumstances”, what he meant was not “circumstances” – he meant a bad tooth.

I did miss last autumn but I hope to be back this year for Thanksgiving Day, which is usually the time we have our big party.

I am perfectly thrilled with the progress that is being made. I realize how very crowded it makes conditions for all of you good people when I come down here with a staff of twenty or thirty people but it is all in a good cause because, while we have to double up, at the same time we are selling Warm Springs to the Nation.

I don’t know whether any official announcement has been made but I think that I can tell the Warm Springs family that at a meeting the other day we decided to go ahead with the construction of our wonderful new hospital – something we wanted to do for a long time. So, just as soon as the plans can be finished and just as soon as the bids can be got – provided they are low enough bids – we are going ahead and I hope by this summer we will have actual construction work under way.

There again, during the process of building this thirty-five bed hospital, it is going to be pretty noisy – going to be noisier than Jerry (referring to a six year old patient) – but we will have to put up with that while the carpentry work is going on and while various other noises are being made in erection of the building.

And when the building is built – I hope we will get into it by early in 1939 – we will all appreciate what a great need there is for the building today and we will wonder how we ever got on without it. It is going to help all the work we are doing down here and I hope that when we come up in November that the walls and perhaps the roof will be up.

I am glad to be here and am looking forward to being back with you all again.

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