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FDR Informal Extemporaneous Remarks to CCC Camp at Warm Springs, Dec. 7, 1935

Informal Extemporaneous Remarks of President Roosevelt to the CCC Camp at Warm Springs, Ga., Dec. 7, 1935

I see this has become a really historic camp. You have been kept going here about as long as any camp in the United States, and I hope very much that we can find enough work to keep this camp going for a couple of years.

I talked to you last year and the year before about yourselves – about the look in your faces and the good it has done to you.

I just want to say a word to you today about the good that you are doing for other people.

I have seen the work that this camp and the Chipley Camp has performed in the last couple of years. You are rendering a real service, not only to this community but to this part of the State and the whole State. It is permanent work, it is work that is going to be useful for a good many generations to come. That is why, one reason why, the people of this country as a whole believe in the Civilian Conservation Corps and, even when times get better as they are getting better, we are going to manage some way to dig up enough money in the Federal Treasury to keep the CCC going as a permanent institution.

It is good to see all of you.

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