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FDR Brief Telephone Address from Warm Springs on Dedication of Building for Blind, Dec. 5, 1935

Telephone Address by President Roosevelt from Warm Springs, Ga. Dedicating of the New Building, Foundation for the Blind, New York, N.Y. December 5, 1935

I am very glad to send my greetings to you, the friends of the American Foundation of the Blind, in the dedication of the new Administration Building in New York. I would like to be with you but, as you know, I am a thousand miles away, down in Georgia.

I wish I could be present at the dedication of this new building that means so much in the carrying out of the great work in which we are all so much interested.

It is a privilege to have a part in aiding the betterment of conditions for those who have been handicapped by lack of vision and, when I say lack of vision, I mean it in the purely physical sense because people who are blind certainly have a splendid vision in every other way.

Personally, I am proud of my association with Miss Keller, with President Migel and Robert Owen and all the rest of you who are giving so freely of your time and talents.

You have my sincere congratulations and a pledge to do all I can in furthering this great philanthropy.