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FDR Brief, Informal Remarks at Atlanta University, Nov. 29, 1935

Informal Extemporaneous Remarks of President Roosevelt at Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga. Nov. 29, 1935

[Roosevelt had spent the day in Atlanta, being honored himself and dedicating [see text] Techwood Homes, the first federally funded public housing project in the nation. He then spent a brief time at Atlanta University, where he made the following comments to a number of African-American school children who had been assembled for the occasion.]

I am glad to greet all of you boys and girls.

I am sorry that I haven’t the time to see this great University housing project that is going up a couple of blocks from here, but when it is finished I hope to come back and see it because, as you know, we are all of us working to provide better homes for the American people to live in.


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