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FDR Informal Extemporaneous Remarks, Fitzgerald, Nov. 18, 1933

Extemporaneous Remarks in Fitzgerald, Georgia November 18, 1933

[Roosevelt spoke earlier in the day in Savannah, where he helped commemorate of Georgia’s bicentennial, then took a train to Warm Springs. He stopped briefly in Fitzgerald, located in Ben Hill County, where he made the following remarks.]

I am glad to see you all. We had a great celebration down in Savannah this morning and I am glad to come through Fitzgerald. I have never been through here before, although I have been in most of the other parts of Georgia. The one thing we have in common, Warm Springs and this place, is that we are on the same railroad.

I am very glad I am having this chance to have a good talk with your good Governor. [Ed. note: The friendliness between Roosevelt and Georgia Governor Eugene Talmadge would not last. Talmadge began supporting Roosevelt and the New Deal, but thought it went too far too quickly – and was not hesitant in saying so. The two men would become bitter political enemies.]

He is with me here now and I am going to ask him to say a few words to you.”

Governor Eugene Talmadge: “I just want to say this, that we have got a real President who is for the average little man and little woman in this country.”

Roosevelt: “I can say one thing and that is that there a whole lot more smiles on people’s faces than there were when I came down through here last February.”

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