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Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 21st Visit to Georgia

Twenty-first Visit

October 1 - October 14, 1931

After a special August session of the New York legislature called to disburse $20 million in emergency relief, Roosevelt briefly visited Warm Springs. His correspondence of these days is almost wholly devoted to politics, both in New York and nationally. He was still publicly denying any interest in the presidency, but keeping in close touch with friends in influential places - like the governor of Massachusetts and a Senator from Ohio with whom he had attended Harvard. While at Warm Springs he helped edit an article on the Roosevelt family being prepared for the 1931 Dutchess County Yearbook.

The Columbus Ledger noted Roosevelt’s arrival in Warm Springs, and speculated on whether he might make an “inevitable” political announcement, but he insisted on keeping politics out of this visit. But the “Roosevelt for President” clubs were very active; the Meriwether County club invited members of all other Georgia clubs (more than 60 total) to the Foundation barbecue on October 13. Representatives from all 60 clubs attended, as did Georgia Senator William J. Harris, Representatives Eugene Cox and Carl Vinson, and writer Harry Stillwell Edwards, among other notables. While Roosevelt welcomed them all he refused to be drawn into any discussion of politics publicly. He delivered a brief speech praising Senator Harris, Governor Russell, and the spirit of all Georgians for progressing against the many obstacles facing them. Roosevelt then refereed a celebrity golf match to raise money for the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation. Earlier on this visit, he had accepted a $1000 check for the Foundation from the Manchester Kiwanis Club.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harriet Golden at Warm Springs, 1931
Source: National Archives

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Franklin D. Roosevelt, Otis Moore, and Ed Doyle near Warm Springs, 1931
Source: National Archives