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Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 7th Visit to Georgia

Seventh Visit

May 24 - June 11, 1927

Roosevelt was away from Warm Springs for twelve days before returning on May 24. He continued his organizational and therapeutic work, while taking time to arrange matters for a family employee. The following letter refers to John DeGroff, who had been coachman at Hyde Park for a decade before developing chronic and crippling arthritis. Roosevelt procured a position for him at Warm Springs, so he could still work while bathing in the pools. Roosevelt wrote to his mother on June 4:

“Dearest Mama, DeGroff arrived safely Thursday evening and is comfortably installed in the cottage colony, and goes in for his first swim today. I have not seen him yet as I haven’t been out of the house we moved into the old cottage Tuesday… . Please be sure to get that diagnosis from Hibbs and also please a history of his (DeGroff’s) case from his Poughkeepsie Dr. It is absolutely necessary for Dr. Hubbard to have these. After a week or two will give DeGroff charge of the lawns and grounds… .” Source: Elliott Roosevelt (ed.), F.D.R.: His Personal Letters 1928-1945, (Duell, Sloan and Pearce, New York, 1950), p. 622.

Soon afterwards, Roosevelt returned to New York, but was back in Georgia again by the end of the summer.