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FDR Informal Remarks to Patients at the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, Aug. 10, 1938

Informal Remarks of President Roosevelt at Luncheon with Patients of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation August 10, 1938

This little visit of mine was a bit of a surprise; this had not been planned in March when I was here. We were able to do it because I found that the quickest route from catching fish on the Pacific Ocean was to come back by way of Warm Springs. I have been telling people that there is only one fly in the ointment. Down there on the Equator, on what are called the Galapagos Islands, it is about ten degrees cooler than it is in Georgia.

We are very much honored in having today as guests of Warm Springs Governor Rivers, who is an old friend of ours, and also a gentleman who I hope will be the next Senator from this State, Lawrence Camp.

This year I am making up for 1937. You will remember in 1937 I could only get down here in the Spring and could not get here in the Autumn, but this is my second visit in 1938 and I am coming back I hope, if everything goes well, in November for a couple of weeks and at that time we will have the annual Thanksgiving Dinner when there is a grand entertainment and most of us eat too much.

It is good to get this glimpse of you and I hope to see you again very soon.

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