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1757 Treaty of Savannah



His Honour Henry Ellis Esqr. Lieutenant-Governor and Commander in Chief of his Majesty’s Province of Georgia and Vice Admiral of the same

Sir Patrick Houstoun, Baronet The Honourable James Habersham Esqr. The Honourable Francis Harris Esqr. The Honourable Jonathan Bryan Esqr. The Honourable Jas. Edward Powell Esqr. The Honourable William Clifton Esqr. The Honourable William Knox Esqr.

On the One part, and on the other the Head Men and Warriors of the following Towns in the Upper, and Lower Creek nations Viz. the

Cowetas, Cussetas, Mucklasses, Hellabees, Swaggalas, Great Tellasse, Conhatchee, Wyokees, Ufalas, Little Tellasee, Tatmuchasse, Hatsechubbas, Fushatchee, Pucknatelahasse, Ottosees, Okonees, Tuskegee, Uchees, Cheehaws, Oakfuschees, Tuckabachees,

Who reflecting seriously on the miseries of War and Discord, and the blessings and advantages of peace and Good Correspondence, and being desirous to avoid the One, and preserve the Other, the Governor who represents the Great King, and the aforesaid Micos who are the Heads of the Upper and Lower Creek Nations mutually agree to the following Articles Viz.

1st. That all the former Treaties agreed upon, and concluded between the Great Squire, or any other of the King’s Officers, Governors, Councellors, or beloved Men, and the Head Men of the Creek Nations, are hereby ratified and confirmed according to their true intent and meaning, and shall be the foundation of this Treaty.

2dly. That by this Treaty all former Grievances and Dissatisfactions of every kind shall be forgiven and forgotten as thoroughly as if they never had happened and Peace and Good friendship is hereby renewed, and established between the people of the Greak King George, called White Men,and his beloved Children of both the Creek Nations commonly called the Red Men.

3dly. And that the Friendship and Alliance now firmly established by this Treaty may never be endangered or interrupted. It is reciprocally Agreed that the irregularities and misdemeanours committed by the Straglers or Vagrants of either Nation shall not hereafter be considered as the Act of the Nation to which they belong, nor cause any Misunderstanding between the two people, nor by any means involve them in a War on that account. But that all differences and disputes of what nature soever which may hereafter arise between the English and the Creek Indians, shall be amicably determined and adjusted at a Congress to be forthwith held for that purpose, where shall be present the beloved Mico of the Great King George who shall then Govern this Province, or any other of the King’s beloved Men on the one part, and on the other the Meecos headmen and Warriors of the Creek Nations who shall be authorized to transact the same.

4thly. And whereas it has been asserted that the head Men and States of the Creek Nations had alienated and sold to Coosaponakesee alias Mary Bosomworth the Lands and Islands called Ossebau, St. Catherines, and Sappalo, and the Lands from the town of Savannah to Pipe Maker’s Cree, This is therefore to declare that We the head Men and States never did sell or alienate the same to the said Coosaponakesee alias Mary Bosomworth, or to any private person whomsoever, and that we now deliver the said Lands and Islands In Trust to his Honour the present Governor Representative of the Great King.

Lastly. It is heartily and willingly Agreed to by both Parties that the Friends of the One, shall eternally be considered as the friends of the other, and the Enemies of Either as the Enemies of Both, and that the present Treaty of Peace and Alliance shall remain firm and inviolable, as long as the Sun shall shine, and the Rivers run into the Sea.

Done in the Council Chamber at Savannah the 3d day of November 1757.

Henry Ellis Patrick Houston James Habersham Francis Harris Jonathan Bryan James Edward Powell William Clifton William Knox Witnesses

The Wolf King’s Mark Mico Coweta Great King Hulthepoe Mico Iswanagemalthla The Long Lieutenant Tustenachoboy Hulthlapoe hajo The Long Second Man of the Wyokees Tustanakee Chiskoliga Efatustanakee Tustunakee Tustunegemalthla Lieutenant of the Fuschachees Tuskegee Mico Yaholaemalthla Enthlamis Mico Tustanake hulthaboy Yaw Willee alis Hoopoy Asseniahulla Ifa Hacho Kelesmiha Okelisa Tustanage the Mucklassee Warrior

Source: Great Britain, Public Record Office, Colonial Office Papers, Series 5, Vol. 1, pp. 519-22 as cited in John T. Juricek (ed.) Georgia Treaties, 1733-1763, vol. XI in Alden T. Vaughan (ed.) Early American Indian Documents: Treaties and Laws, 1607-1789 (Frederick, Md.: University Publications of America, 1989).