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James Oglethorpe Monument in Lexington (Oglethorpe County)

In 1993, Oglethorpe County celebrated its 200th anniversary. In conjunction with the county’s bicentennial, county officials erected a granite monument in recognition of Georgia founder James Oglethorpe. The monument is located in front of county courthouse in Lexington. Its inscription reads as follows:


Oglethorpe, the fifth [sic] county created in GEORGIA, Dec. 19, 1793 was named for James Edward Oglethorpe, founder and first governor of Georgia.

Born in London, Dec. 22, 1696, Oglethorpe started his early life in Godalming, England. He was a philanthropist, soldier and member of house of commons.

Oglethorpe arrived with the first Georgia colonists at Yamacraw Bluff on Feb. 12, 1733, and started the settlement of Savannah. As war threatened between England and Spain, Oglethorpe defeated the Spaniards at the Battle of Bloody Marsh, July 1742.

Oglethorpe died in Cranham, England June 30, 1785 and is buried within All Saints Parish church.

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James Oglethorpe Monument in Lexington (Oglethorpe County)
Source: Ed Jackson