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Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly urging Congressional funding vocational education

Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly

Mar. 3, 1953


No. 50 (House Resolution No. 180).

A Resolution.

Requesting the members of the Georgia Congressional Delegation to exert their efforts towards obtaining a full appropriation authorized under the provisions of The George-Barden Act; and for other purposes.

Whereas, vocational education has meant so much to Georgia and Georgians; and

Whereas, there is a great need for the further development of vocational education in order that all Georgians who need it and can profit by it might have opportunity for vocational training; and

Whereas, there are many schools in Georgia as well as in other States with no programs of vocational education and many others with inadequate programs; and

Whereas, the prosperity and well-being of a state and nation are dependent on the skill and productive capacity of its citizenry; and

Whereas, vocational education develops skills and increases productive capacity of individuals; and

Whereas, the security of our nation is dependent in a large measure on the skill, technical knowledge and the ability of the masses to produce; and

Whereas, the Federal Vocational Education Act of 1946, known as The George-Barden Act, authorizes an appropriation of $29,300,000 annually and less than $19,000,000 is being appropriated annually; and

Whereas, distinguished Georgia statesmen, the late Hon. Hoke Smith, the late Hon. Dudley M. Hughes, our present Senior Senator, the Hon. Walter F. Georgia, and Ex-Congressman, the Hon. Braswell Deen, authorized and championed the National vocational Education Acts; and

Whereas, the entire Georgia delegation in National Congress – past and present – have supported vocational education appropriations and measures through the year;

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the General Assembly of Georgia, that we commend the members of our Georgia Delegation in National Congress for the support they have given vocational education in the past and urge them to continue their support and redouble their efforts to obtain the full appropriation of $29,300,000 authorized under the provisions of the George-Barden Act.

Be it further resolved that the Secretary of State be instructed to immediately make available a certified copy of this Resolution to each member of the Georgia Delegation in National Congress.

Approved March 3, 1953.

Ga. Laws 1953, pp. 456-458.