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Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly urging Congress to protect American farmers

A Resolution.

Commending our United States Senators and Congressmen for their manifest interest and cooperation toward assisting our farmers at all times, and

Whereas, by reason of legislation creating trade barriers through the medium of reciprocal agreements, licenses, order, and foreign agreements by the State Department our farmers in this country are in a desperate predicament, and

Whereas, by reason of world economic conditions and competition from cotton, cottonseed, meat, oils, peanuts and other products including textiles from foreign countries with living standards below that of this country and using 13 cents or less per hour labor, and

Whereas, our government policies have for the past few years been to cut production in our domestic crops, and at the same time this country is furnishing technical experts to give all the nations of the world our “know how” in production and industry which will further make our farmers’ plight harder, and

Whereas, our government has allowed and licensed imports from foreign countries of cotton, manufactured goods, meat, oils, [and] peanuts to be shipped into this country which tends to put our farmers and industry out of business, and

Whereas, under the tremendous importing into this country from low wage countries will tend to destroy organized labor of high standard wages in the country, and

Whereas, our national administration has followed the leadership of senators from States that do not raise any cotton, cottonseed or peanuts to initiate a sliding scale parity on cotton, cottonseed, peanuts, and other crops below the cost of production, and

Whereas, we believe parity should be fixed at not less than 90 percent on all commodities grown in this country, and

Whereas, our farmers are the backbone of this country and by reason of international conniving have been forced to move from the farm to the city in large numbers, and

Whereas, for the welfare of our farmers we urge that the administration and Congress first give consideration to our farm economy in this country before it is too late.

Therefore, this General Assembly of Georgia respectfully urge you to present to the President, Secretary of Agriculture, and to Congress, our plea for fair consideration to our farmers in this country at once.

Approved Feb. 13, 1956.

Ga. Laws 1956, pp. 131-132.