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Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly relative to the Southern Governors’ Conference

Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly

Feb. 1, 1957


No. 1 (House Resolution No. 13).

A Resolution.

Relating to the meeting of the Southern Governors’ Conference in Georgia; and for other purposes.

Whereas, the National Governors’ Conference was organized for the purpose of improving State government, working on those problems that require interstate cooperation and facilitating Federal-State relations with respect to cooperative government problems, and

Whereas, the various sections of the country have divisional meetings, and the Southern Governors’ Conference relates to the questions which are of primary importance to the Southern section of the United States, and

Whereas, at this particular time in history, the Southern States are faced with grave problems which can best be solved by the cooperation of all the States involved, and

Whereas, it would be a great honor and of tremendous benefit to the State of Georgia if the Southern Governors’ Conference for 1957 were held in this State.

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the General Assembly of Georgia that Honorable Marvin Griffin, Governor of the the State of Georgia, is hereby authorized to make whatever arrangements are necessary relative to holding the Southern Governors’ Conference for 1957 in the State of Georgia. he is further authorized to utilize whatever funds are necessary from any available source to defray the cost of this meeting of the Southern Governors.

Approved February 1, 1957.

Ga. Laws 1957, pp. 4-5.