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Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly relative to the Georgia Commission on Education

Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly

Feb. 15, 1957


No. 15 (House Resolution No. 11-7d).

A Resolution.

Relating to the Georgia Commission on Education; and for other purposes.

Whereas, the Georgia Commission on Education was created in 1953 to cope with the problems relating to education which have confronted the State in recent years and which continue to be of primary importance to all the citizens of Georgia, and

Whereas, the commission has performed an excellent service and its work has become increasingly important, and

Whereas, the commission is authorized to distribute bulletins and periodicals concerning its worth and problems which are presented, with comments thereon, and

Whereas, the people of the entire nation should be made aware of these problems and the Georgia and southern viewpoint relating thereto, in order that the distorted views which have been presented by certain segments of the Northern press and other periodicals may be combatted.

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the General Assembly of Georgia that the Georgia Commission on Edu cation is hereby authorized to proceed as aforesaid in presenting such problems and views, and funds therefor [sic] shall be made available as provided by law.

Approved February 15, 1957.

Ga. Laws 1957, pp. 56-57.