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Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly regarding conferring with other southern states

Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly

Feb. 13, 1956


No. 4 (House Resolution No. 62).

A Resolution.

Creating a committee for the purpose of discussing common problems with members of legislatures from certain other States; and for other purposes.

Whereas, at the present time, the State of Georgia is faced with some of the most important and complicated problems in its long history, particularly those problems having to do with segregation of the races; and

Whereas, Georgia shares those problems with other sister States of the South; and

Whereas, it would be extremely advantageous to the members of the General Assembly, to the Governor, and the people of this State to obtain information and knowledge of the methods and procedures by which other States are seeking to solve the present dilemma.

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the General Assembly of Georgia, that there is hereby created a committee to be composed of one (1) member of the House of Representatives, and one (1) member of the Senate, both to be appointed by the Governor for the purpose of visiting the legislatures of the States of Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Virginia, in order to discuss the common problems which present themselves at this time, particularly those relating to segregation of the races. Said committee shall make a report of its discussions and findings in such other States to the Governor and to the members of the General Assembly before the adjournment of this 1956 session of the General Assembly.

Approved February 13, 1956.

Ga. Laws 1956, pp. 110-111.