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Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly designating the largemouth bass as the state fish

Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly

March 24, 1970


No. 254 (House Resolution No. 623-1257).

A Resolution.

Designating the largemouth bass as the official State fish; and for other purposes.

Whereas, found within this State are some of the most picturesque and splendid fishing waters within the United States; and

Whereas, for many years Georgia has been known throughout the world as a “fisherman’s paradise”, affording unparalleled opportunities for those wishing to engage in the fine sport of fishing; and

Whereas, there has never been designated for the State of Georgia an official State fish; and

Whereas, the world’s largest largemouth bass was taken from the waters of one of Georgia’s streams.

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the General Assembly of Georgia that the largemouth bass is hereby designated Georgia’s official State fish.

Approved March 24, 1970.

Ga. Laws 1970, pp. 846-847.