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Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly designating the azalea as the state wildflower

Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly

April 19, 1979


No. 76 (House Resolution No.207-803).


Designating the azalea as the “State Wild Flower”; and for other purposes.

WHEREAS, although the State of Georgia has designated a “State Flower,” she has never had a “State Wild Flower”; and

WHEREAS, those species of azalea which are native to the southeastern United States are considered by many to be the most beautiful of indigenous shrubs; and

WHEREAS, while many species and varieties of the azalea are found across the State of Georgia from the mountains to the sea, several species, including Rhododendron Austrinum, prunifolium, canescens, alabamense, calendulaceum, speciosum, arborescens, serrulatum, and other, are found in every county of the State; and

WHEREAS, the dazzling blossoms of these wild flowers range in color from white to yellow, orange, scarlet, crimson, and intermediate colors, some with conspicuous color blotches; and

WHEREAS, with proper selection of species, the azalea blossom is available from March until July and August; and

WHEREAS, native azaleas are hardier and, once established, require less care than other horticultural varieties; and

WHEREAS, from Bartram’s time until the present, azaleas have covered our State with beauty; and

WHEREAS, it is only fit and proper that the azalea be designated the “State Wild Flower.”

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF GEORGIA that the azalea is hereby designated as Georgia’s “State Wild Flower.”

Approved April 19, 1979.

Ga. Laws 1979, pp. 1387-1388.