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Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly creating Georgia Commission on Education

Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly

Dec. 10, 1953


No. 97 (House Resolution No. 232-743r).

A Resolution.

To establish The Georgia Commission on Education, to define its duties and authority, and to provide therefor such funds as are necessary to effectuate the purposes thereof.

Whereas, the Constitution of the State provides for the separate education of the white and colored races, and

Whereas, necessity for further legislation or constitutional amendments in that regard might hereafter arise;

It is therefore resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives as follows:

One. The Georgia Commission on Education is hereby established.

Two. Said commission shall formulate a plan or plans of legislation, prepare drafts of suggested laws, and recommend courses of action for consideration by the General Assembly whereby the State may by taxation continue to provide adequate education for all its citizens consisted with the provisions of the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Georgia.

Three. Said commission shall be composed of the Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Speaker of the House of Representatives, State Auditor, the Attorney General, Chairman of the Board of Regents, Chairman of the State Board of Education, State School Superintendent, Chancellor of the University System of Georgia, Chairman of the Judicial Council; a representative from the Georgia Bar Association, and, representative of the State both geographically and in all segments of her economy, ten other citizens to be appointed by the Governor, one from each congressional district of the State.

Four. The Governor shall be chairman of said commission and shall designate another member of the commission as vice-chairman. Said commission shall perfect its organization conformable to the provisions of this resolution and may appoint subcommittees. Seven members of the commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business of this commission.

Five. Said commission shall submit its findings and proposed plan of legislation with its accompanying draft of suggested laws and its comments thereon, to any extraordinary session of this General Assembly which may be hereafter held, and if no such session be held, then to the meeting of the General Assembly to convene on the second Monday in January, 1955.

Six. Said commission is hereby directed to cause its findings, proposed plan of legislation, accompanying drafts of suggested laws, and its comments thereon, to be printed and distributed to the members of the General Assembly and to the press not less than thirty days prior to the meeting of the General Assembly to convene on the second Monday in January 1955, and in the event of an extraordinary session, as great a number of days as feasible prior to the convening of such extraordinary session.

Seven. Such commission is directed to inquire into the educational structure of the State, and all pertinent provisions of the Constitution and statutes of the State, as well as the Constitution and laws of the United States; to receive suggestions and statements from interested persons; and to make such other investigation and inquiry as well in its judgment assist in the discharge of the duties confided to it. Said commission is authorized from time to time to print and distribute report of its findings and recommendations.

Eight. The chairman of said commission is authorized to assign quarters and to employ such help, technical assistants and legal counsel to aid the commission in the performance of its duties as he may deem proper, and to fix their compensation.

Nine. The members of said commission shall receive the same compensation and allowances for each day they are in attendance at the meeting of the commission as are received by members of the General Assembly for each day’s attendance upon a session of the General Assembly, plus any other compensation, per diem, allowance or reimbursement that is now provided by law for members of the General Assembly.

Ten. Such funds as are necessary to effectuate the purposes of this resolution shall be made available by the Bureau of the Budget from moneys appropriated for the operation of the General Assembly and from such other funds as the Bureau of the Budget from time to time transfer to said commission.

Eleven. The duties and authority of said commission shall be continuing until terminated by law.

Approved December 10, 1953.

Ga. Laws 1953, Nov.-Dec. Session, pp. 403-405.