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FDR Extemporaneous Remarks, Toccoa, March 23, 1938

Informal Extemporaneous Remarks of President Roosevelt, Toccoa, Ga. March 23, 1938

[Roosevelt’s train made a brief stop in Toccoa, where he made the following remarks from the rear platform before moving on to Gainesville to deliver a major speech, then on to Warm Springs for a vacation.]

The Governor handed me the microphone and I told him that I did no think I needed it.

I am nearly six months late. I intended to come down back to Georgia last autumn, but I had a bad tooth, which is a very human feeling, so I could not get down last November, bu there I am again.

I am going to have a ten days’ holiday. I am going to spend most of the time sleeping, (laughter) because, as you probably know, with forty-eight states to think about up there in Washington, I ought to have forty-eight hours in every day. Somehow it does not work out that way and even though I do stay up until midnight or one o’clock in the morning pretty nearly every night in Washington, I manage to get by with it if occasionally I can come down to Georgia.

So, it is good to see you all at the beginning of this holiday I am getting. I expect also while I am down here to look into some of the problems of this State; in a holiday spirit to talk to people, to talk to my neighbors about the problems of agriculture, to talk to people who are engaged in running stores, drugstores and general stores and factories, about the problems of this part of the country.

I do not have to tell you that I am very deeply interested in the State of Georgia. You go hand in hand with the rest of the Nation. If anything happens to you, it hurts the rest of the Nation, and if anything happens to the rest of the Nation it hurts you. So, we are all in the same boat; we are all plowing the same furrow.

It is good to be back and I hope to see you again very soon because this year I hope there won’t be another tooth and I hope to be able to come back in the fall.

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