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Order to Georgia Trustees May 10, 1733

To all to whom these Presents shall come

Whereas his Majesty hath been graciously Pleased to take into Consideration that many of his poor Subjects and many Forreigners who are willing to become his Subjects, are reduced to great Necessities and would gladly be settled in the British Provinces in America, where by Cultivating the Lands at present Wast and desolate, they might not only gain a comfortable Subsistance for themselves and Families but also strengthen his Majesty’s Colonies and encrease the Trade, Navigation and Wealth of these Realms. And Whereas his Majesty hath declared it highly becoming his Crown and Royal Dignity to extend his Fatherly Compassion even to the meanest and most unfortunate of his People and to releive the Wants of his abovementioned poor Subjects and that it will be highly conducive for the Accomplishing these Ends that a regular Colony of the said poor People be settled and established in the Southern Frontier of South Carolina. And Whereas his Majesty for the more orderly Carrying on the said good Purpose Hath by his Royal Charter bearing date the Ninth Day of June in the year of our Lord 1732 constituted a Body Politick and Corporate by the Name of The Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in America and hath granted unto the said Trustees and their Successors for ever certain Lands and Territories in South Carolina In trust for Establishing the said Colony and hath erected the same into an independent Province by the Name of Georgia. Now Know Ye that We the said Trustees being well assured of the Integrity and Humanity of The Minister Church Wardens and Gentlemen of the Vestry of the Parish of Saint Margaret Westminster and that they greatly desire the Success and Accomplishment of so excellent a Work Have by Vertue of the Powers granted to Us by the said Charter at a Meeting of the said Corporation convened and assembled for that Purpose authorized and appointed and by these Presents Do for the Consideration aforesaid authorize and appoint the said Minister Church Wardens and Gentlemen of the Vestry of the Parish of Saint Margaret Westminster or any Two or more of them to take Subscriptions and to gather and transmit with all convenient speed to us the said Trustees at our Office in Old Palace Yard Westminster the moneys so collected, together with the Names of the Persons and Sums which each one shall contribute or Subscribe, and in case any of the Contributors shall desire their Names to be conceal’d,then the Sums by them given respectively in order that we the said Trustees may be enabled from time to time to publish perfect Accompts of such Benefactions. Given under our common Seal this Tenth Day of May 1733.

Warrant, dated 10th May 1733, of the Trustees incorporated to encourage the development of the Colony of Georgia, America appointing the Minister Churchwardens and Gentlemen of the Parish of St. Margaret to gather money for the said purpose.