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Twiggs County Historical Markers

Stone Creek Baptist Church

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Stone Creek Baptist Church
  • Location: Sgoda Road at Riggins Mill Rd, 4 miles N of I-16


Constituted September 3, 1808, this Church was first located two miles from here on a rocky hill overlooking Stone Creek, a tributary of the Ocmulgee. In 1842 the meetings were moved to an Academy at this site and in 1850 the members and community “deeming it expedient and advisable” built a stately and beautiful church with galleries, to accommodate both white and colored. The old church was destroyed by a tornado April 30, 1953, and the present church was occupied in November of the same year, meetings having been held in the Smith High School in the interim. In 1827 a committee from the Church helped to organize the First Baptist Church of Macon. In the records for November, 1865 appears the entry “No conference owing to the enemy’s raid near the church.” Notable pastors have been: Rev. Henry Hooten; Vincent, Charnick, Washington, Benjamin and George Tharpe; Wm. Horne, P. W. Edge, J. C. Solomon, J. F. McCluney, S. J. Wheeler and R. F. Floyd.