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Muscogee County Historical Markers

“Torch Hill”

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: “Torch Hill”
  • Location: Intersection of Victory Drive and Ft. Benning Rd., 2 miles south of Columbus


On the summit of the rise to the east is the site of “Torch Hill”, home of Dr. Francis Orray Ticknor (1822-74), author of the famed war story, “Little Giffen of Tennessee”. Dr. Ticknor was a physician at the Confederate Hospital on Upper Broad St. in 1861-1865.

Giffen, a 16 year old Confederate soldier, was treated at the hospital for serious wounds. Dr. Ticknor took the boy to his home where Mrs. Ticknor nursed him. Before his wounds entirely healed, “Little Giffen” voluntarily took up his rifle and returned to battle. He was never heard of again.

The Creek Indians used “Torch Hill” for signal fires, giving the hill its name.