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Liberty County Historical Markers

Saint John’s Lodge Number Six

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Saint John’s Lodge Number Six
  • Location: Ga 38, 0.5 mile past entrance to Sunbury Historic Site 3


Saint John’s Lodge Number Six, of Sunbury, Free and accepted Masons, was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Georgia, April 21, 1777, in Masonry, 5777. Under an Act of the Legislature of Georgia, February 6, 1796, The Grand Lodge was incorporated and given power to corporate bodies under their jurisdiction. Under this new authority, the Grand Lodge, on June 5, 1802, “On motion ordered that Saint John’s Lodge Number Six, Sunbury hold their charter on paying arrearage due.”

Annual returns were made to the Grand Lodge back to 1787 and the Lodge was admitted to full participation with the following officers recognized: Adam Alexander, Worshipful Master; William Peacock, Senior Warden; Andrew Maybank, Junior Warden; Thomas Lancaster, Treasurer; Daniel Stewart, Secretary; Nathan Dryer, Senior Deacon; John Bilheimer, Junior Deacon; James Robarts, Steward; Samuel Law, Steward; and George C. Somerall, Tyler.

On November 4, 1805, John and Rebecca Couper gave to the Lodge, lot No. 77, of the Town of Sunbury, situate a few hundred feet north of this marker, upon which to erect a Lodge building.

Erected by the Grand Lodge of Georgia Harvey C. Stephens, Grand Master - Daniel W. Locklin, Grand Secretary Dewey W. Wollstein, Chairman, Historical Commission 1957