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Liberty County Historical Markers

Colonel’s Island

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Colonel’s Island
  • Location: Ga 38 at Kings Road on Colonel's Island


Until about 1778 this island was called Colonel’s Island because of the large number of colonels having plantations here. Major plantations included “Woodville,” “Herron’s POint,” “Maxwellton,” “Suligree,” “Maybank,” “Black Rock,” “Laws,” “Cedar Point,” “Hickory Hill,” “Dunham’s,” and “Melon Bluff.”

Rice and indigo were the principal money crops grown on Colonel’s Island during the antebellum era. During the War Between the States the island was also a source of salt, an essential ingredient in the making of gunpowder.

Long before European exploreres reached North America Colonel’s Island was a part of the Guale Indian kingdom of the Creek Nation.

Erected 1996 by the Liberty County Historical Society