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Jenkins County Historical Markers

Old Buckhead Church

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Old Buckhead Church
  • Location: US 25 about two miles south of Perkins


4.3 miles west of this point stands Old Buckhead Church. The present structure built around 1845 housed one of the oldest Baptist congregations in the United States.

The Buckhead church was organized prior to the Revolution under the leadership of Rev. Matthew Moore. It was re-organized in 1787. The Georgia Baptist Convention met here in 1831 to pass the initial resolution that founded Mercer University.

During the War Between the States the church-yard became the scene of a skirmish between the 3d, Cav. Div. of Gen. J. Kilpatrick, (USA), and the Cav. Corps of Gen. Joseph Wheeler, (CSA), Nov. 28, 1864.

082-1 Georgia Historical Commission 1953