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Jackson County Historical Markers

The Braselton School Bell

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: The Braselton School Bell
  • Location: Town Hall in Braselton


Originally located in the bell tower of the Braselton High School, the bell was commissioned by Senator Isaac Frank Duncan for all students from 1920 until 1957. The school was built by the Town of Braselton’s founders, and when it closed in 1957, the bell was returned to Senator Duncan’s family.

The bell was later donated to the Town by the children of Green and May Braselton who were the Senator’s grandchildren.

The restored school bell is a symbol of pride for Braselton, where generations heard its sound for school and community events. It is rededicated by the Mayor and Council in 2004.

The Gazebo housing the bell is made possible by the civic generosity of Tom Bowen, the Braselton Rotary Club, Earl H. Graham, Mayor Pat Graham, D.G. Jenkins, Corporation and Select Brokers.