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Hancock County Historical Markers

Shoulder-bone Creek Treaty

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Shoulder-bone Creek Treaty
  • Location: Ga 16 at Ga 77 northwest of Sparta


Near the mouth of Shoulder-bone Creek on the banks of the Oconee River a treaty of “amity, peace and commerce” was signed by eight commissioners representing the State of Georgia and 59 head men of the Creek Confederation, November 3, 1786. Among the terms of the treaty was one ceding all lands east of the Oconee River to the White men. To insure faithful performance the Indians left in the hands of the Georgians 5 of their men. These were: Chuwocklie Mico of the Cowetas; Cuchas and his brother, Suckawockie, of the Cussetas; Eneathlocko, second man of Broken Arrow, and Emautaleche, nephew of the headman of the Swaglos. Representing the State of Georgia at Shoulder-bone were John Habersham for Chatham County; Abraham Ravot for Effingham, John Clements for Burke, James McNiel for Richmond, John King for Wilkes, James Powell for Liberty, Ferdinand O’Neal for Glynn and Camden, Jared Irwin for Franklin, Greene and Washington, and Benjamin Porter. The treaty was soon repudiated by Creek Chief Alexander McGillivray who, sympathetic with the Spaniards of Florida, had refused to attend and contended the representation of Creeks at Shoulder-bone was not sufficient to speak for the Confederation.