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Hancock County Historical Markers

“July” 1858 The Original July Foxhound

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: “July” 1858 The Original July Foxhound
  • Location: Ga 16 NW of Sparta at Mile Marker 5 (at Oakland Plantation)

“July” 1858 The Original July Foxhound

In July 1858 an Irish Foxhound arrived in Georgia as a gift from the noted hunter, Nimrod Gosnell of Roxbury Mills, Maryland, to Colonel Miles G. Harris of Hancock County. The male puppy was named “July”. Col. Harris invited fox hunters for miles around to join him on a fox hunt during October 1859. They brought their choicest runners with them, but they were no match for “July’s” superior performance in the hunting field chasing red foxes. Hunters from surrounding counties and in some cases adjacent states brought their best bitches to be bred to “July”. Thus began the strain of hounds known by the name of its progenitor “July”.

Erected by lovers of July Hounds