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Hall County Historical Markers

Lt.-Gen. James Longstreet

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Lt.-Gen. James Longstreet
  • Location: Hall County Courthouse Grounds, Gainesville


This was the post-war home of General Longstreet, whom General Lee

called his “Old War Horse”.

Born in South Carolina January 8, 1821, Longstreet grew up at

Augusta. The family moved to Alabama, and he entered West Point from

that state, graduating in 1842. He played a gallant role in the

Mexican War, and in 1861 resigned from the United States Army to

serve the Southern Confederacy.

Under Lee his capable performance of duty caused Longstreet’s

rapid promotion to Lieutenant General.

After the War President Ulysses S. Grant, who had married Longstreet’s

cousin, Julia Dent, made him Surveyor of Customs at New Orleans.

He also served as Supervisor of Internal Revenue, Postmaster at

Gainesville, Minister to Turkey, United States Marshall and United

States Railway Commissioner.

He married first Maria Louise Garland of Virginia on March 8,

1848; Second Helen Dortch of Atlanta, September 8, 1897. He died

January 2, 1904.