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Habersham County Historical Markers

Haberham Iron Works & Mfg. Co.

  • Source: Byron Hooks
  • Marker: Haberham Iron Works & Mfg. Co.
  • Location: At the mill on Habersham Mill Rd southwest of Clarkesville

Habersham Iron Works & Mfg. Co.

On the site of the Habersham Cotton Mills stood the Habersham Iron Works and Manufacturing Co., incorporated in late 1837 when this section of the state was Indian country. Jarvis Van Buren, a cousin of President Martin Van Buren and a pioneer eastern railroad man, arrived in 1838 to operate the plant for its stockholders who included John C. Calhoun. In a region far from railroads necessary machines and supplies must have come by mule or ox wagon from Augusta. The iron mill operated for a few years, closed and reopened during the War Between the States when guns and cannon were urgently needed for the Confederacy.