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Gwinnett County Historical Markers

Gwinnett County

  • Source: Keith Hair
  • Marker: Gwinnett County
  • Location: Old Gwinnett County Courthouse, Lawrenceville


Created in 1818 from Cherokee and Creek cessions, Gwinnett

is an original county. Courts, elections, and sheriff sales

were held, first, in the home of Elisha Winn, 1 mile east of

the Appalachee River. Selected to buy a permanent site for

the county town. Winn purchased Lot 146, consisting of 250

acres in the fifth Land District, for $200 from John Breedlove

of Hancock County who had drawn it in the lottery.

First County Officers, commissioned in March, 1819, were:

William Blake, Sheriff; James Wardlaw, Clerk Superior Court;

Thomas A. Dobbs, Clerk Inferior Court; John Wynn, Corner;

James C. Reed, Surveyor; James Loughridge, Tax Collector;

John W. Beauchamp, Tax Receiver.

In 1849, the four corner lots on the public square were deeded

to Charles H. Smith (Bill Arp), N.L. Hutchins, James P. Simmons,

and T.W. Alexander, lawyers, so long as they maintained a

substantial fence around the square to keep out wandering

livestock. The first fence under this agreement was eight

feet high with a stile on each side.