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Glynn County Historical Markers

Glynn County

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Glynn County
  • Location: Glynn County Courthouse, Brunswick


Glynn County, one of the eight original Counties of Georgia,

was organized under the 1777 Constitution of the State of Georgia.

IT was named in honor of John Glynn, a member of the British

House of Commons who defended the cause of the American Colonies

in the difficulties which led to the Revolutionary War.

Glynn County contains the lands formerly included in the Colonial

Parishes of St. David, St. Patrick, and St. James, which had been

organized in 1785.

Among the early officials were the Hon. George Walton, Signer of

the Declaration of Independence, Judge of the Superior Court;

James Spalding, Alexander Bissett, Richard Leake, and Raymond

Demere, Justices of the Inferior Court; John Goode, Clerk of the

Inferior and Superior Courts; John Palmer, Sheriff; John Burnett,

Register of Probates; Richard Bradley, Tax Collector; Martin Palmer,

Tax Receiver; Joshua Miller, Surveyor; Jacob Helvestine, Coroner;

George Handley (who in 1788 was elected Governor of the State

of Georgia) and Christopher Hillary, Legislators; George Purvis,

Richard Pritchard, Moses Burnett, John Piles, and John Burnett,

Commissioners of Glynn Academy.