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Fulton County Historical Markers

Standing Peach Tree

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Standing Peach Tree
  • Location: At Fort Peach Tree, Atlanta Water Works, off Ridgewood Rd


A Creek Indian village on both sides of the river at mouth of Peachtree Cr. Whether it was named for a “pitch tree” or a peach tree, it occurs, officially, as Standing Peach Tree in Gov. John Martin’s letter of May 27, 1782, to Gen. Andrew Pickens of S. C. Martin wrote of a rumored foray on the E. Georgia settlement planned at Standing Peach Tree.

The ancient trail: Buzzard Roost (mouth of Utoy Cr.) to Standing Peach Tree &, via Moore’s Mill Rd., to Buckhead - thence N.E. on Hog Mtn. Ridge, was the original Peach Tree Trail.

Later, the Hog Mtn. section of it, prolonged S. to Atlanta, was designated Peachtree Road.

060-60 Georgia Historical Commission 1955