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Fulton County Historical Markers

Outer Defense Line

  • Source: Byron Hooks
  • Marker: Outer Defense Line
  • Location: White St at Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta


News of Federal crossings of the Chattahoochee July 17, 1864 prompted the building of a defense line N & E of Atlanta, by the forces of Gen. Hood, C.S.A, who assumed command July 18. The E. - W. line crossed Howell Mill Rd. here. Gen. AP Stewart’s A. C. [Confederate] occupied this sector, French’s division W. (army left flank, Casey’s Hill). Waithall’s, at center, Loring’s, to the eastward. July 20. After line adjustment, Waithall’s division, astride Howell Mill Road, moved N. (about 4 p.m.) to attack the Federal 20th A. C. Reynold’s brigade was W. of the road O’Neal’s east of it. Loring’s division (E. of O’Neal) also attacked. French’s division [Confederate] was held in reserve, facing the 14th A. C. [Federal].

GHM 060-50