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Fulton County Historical Markers

Barrington Hall

  • Source: Todd Massar
  • Marker: Barrington Hall
  • Location: Barrington Hall, Barrington St and Ga 120, Roswell


Barrington King, co-founder of Roswell with his father, Roswell King, for whom the town is named, selected this spot for his home, which is the Greek Revival style of architecture. Willis Ball, a carpenter from Connecticut, was the builder. After five years - two years for cutting and seasoning the virgin timber and three years for building - Barrington Hall was completed in 1842. The grounds were laid out by an English landscape gardener.

The Kings, father and son, bought the land Roswell stands, organized the Roswell Manufacturing Company which was incorporated in 1839 with Barrington King as president, and laid out the town with wide streets and a park. They gave building sites for the Presbyterian and Methodist churches and for the Academy, and to the six families (which included the family of Barrington King) who formed the colony of Roswell.