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Fulton County Historical Markers

Baker’s Brigade

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Baker’s Brigade
  • Location: Waverly Way at the north end of Springdale Park in Atlanta


July 22, 1864. Baker’s Alabama brigade (Col. J.H. Higley comdg.), Clayton’s div., Cheatham’s A.C., [CSA} was diverted N.E. in Clayton’s attack on the 15th A.C. eastward, thus forming the extreme left of the line extending S. to Glenwood Ave. Higley’s troops faced the right sector of the 15th A.C. held by 2 brigades of Woods’ div. on the S. slope of Copenhill. A gap of 250 yds. in the swampy area of Clear Creek valley, separated Woods from the right of Morgan Smith’s div. where the DeGress battery was posted.

Woods’ flank attack on Manigault’s line at the Troup Hurt house not only retrieved the battery, but forced Baker’s brigade to withdraw