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Franklin County Historical Markers

The Franklin Springs

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: The Franklin Springs
  • Location: Town Hall, US 29, Franklin Springs


For the first hundred years, Franklin Springs existed as a famous health resort. The Springs, as well as the Country, was named for Benjamin Franklin. Three types of water flowed strongly from these springs, mineral, sulphur, and freestone.

Preceding the Civil War the area was a famous watering place. Into the 20th century it continued to be a gathering place for the sick and invalid who sought cure through its mineral water. Later, social life became more of an attraction than its healing waters. By 1917 there were two hotels, a skating rink and two pavilions.

The nationally famous Methodist evangelist Lorenzo Dow spoke to large crowds under these trees in 1802 and 1803. On February 22, 1803, the subject of his sermon was The Trinity where he spoke using these large trees as an illustration. On March 1, 19??, the site was purchased by the Pentecostal Benevolent Association consisting of G.O. Gaines, Perry Sexton, Hugh Bowling, Josiah Allen, John W. Jordan and Joseph C. Sorrow. It became the home of Franklin Springs Institute, now Emmanuel College.